About Us

Lustful, hot and willing - sex dolls for men and women
Uyai stands for clean and sometimes slightly wicked fun. With our high-quality sex dolls we do not only want to help single men and women to a fulfilled sex life. Also people, who want to bring momentum and sexual verve back into a solid partnership, are happy about the change, which a sex doll promises, no matter whether male or female.
We see it as our task to combine eroticism and sex with each other in the sensual silicone dolls, so that this high-quality union leads to the same in the bedroom of our customers. We at Uyai are particularly pleased that our customers have awarded our sex dolls with a very special distinction - "very satisfying".

Large selection of sex dolls RealDOLL
The selection of Uyai sex dolls is extensive. We are delighted to not only be able to present different models of adaptable sex dolls, but also to offer them in hundreds of different personalisation options - eyes, hair, breasts, hips, buttocks and of course penis sizes.
We are particularly proud that we are not only able to take our customers visually and haptically into new sexual fantasies. The appearance is just as important as the feeling of touching a lifelike and sensual soft skin - but a moaning, passion giving sex partner is in the truest sense the peak, the explosive climax of every sexual fantasy. And we are happy that the premium models of our sex dolls can moan, sigh and indulge themselves loudly in pleasure for our customers. You can control this according to your needs with a remote control.

Your sex dream becomes a satisfying reality
Our Sex Dolls do not only adapt to your fantasies and desires with the appearance. Sex dolls by Uyai are movable like a ballerina. You can bring them into any desired position. This adaptability is the reason why you can fulfill your deepest and most longing sex fantasies with the silicone dolls.
As already mentioned, we at Uyai are particularly proud of their cleanliness. With simple and quick methods, our customers can easily clean and sterilize their lascivious and willing sex players due to the silicone.
What athletes know is the same with sex - training makes you better. Try out many deep and hidden sexual practices with your Uyai-Sexp doll, become good and better at them - penetrate deeper and deeper into the matter.
We at Uyai are very pleased that you have decided to openly expand your own sexuality with an exciting and unique nuance.