Sex Dolls 160cm Up

Sexpuppen from 160 cm - here you can be selfish

Sex is often particularly good when you can meet your partner at eye level. Uyai proudly presents our special sex dolls from a body height of 160 cm. Sex with a silicone doll of this size is always something very special.

Above average is not only the size of our sex dolls over 160 cm, but also the pleasure that you will have with one of them in your home, or wherever you want to "play" with her. The feeling of being together in intimate togetherness with your personalized and according to your wishes and ideas designed sensual playmate is an erotic and sexually highly charged scenario.

Emotionally real, dirty and ready for anything

Over 1.60 metre tall sex dolls - this feminine size paired with all the senses flattering things like perfectly large breasts, from real indistinguishable hair to the three ways to sexually satisfy yourself on her makes every life-size sex doll a must for anyone who is sexually open and curious.

Erotically highly satisfying things can happen when you fulfill your dream of an emotional and lifelike silicone doll here at Uyai. You can do things with her that you wouldn't even expect from the most open-minded woman. All imaginable positions - anal, oral and vaginal - can be lived out absolutely selfishly and uninhibitedly.

And if you order one of our sexdolls that has the ability to moan, this sighing, lascivious and satisfying moan can take you to unprecedented heights.

100 percent discretion

We deliver your personalized sex doll from 160 centimeters to you 100% discreet to your home or any other address - for a small, innocent adventure in between.

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