Sex Dolls 140-150cm

Sex dolls 140 - 150 cm - small, but oho!

Asian playful, Mediterranean hot-blooded or Nordic blond - the sex dolls from Uyai can be many things - especially the realistic and sensual bed-player who makes all your sex dreams come true.

You want your sex partner to be small to a maximum of average height, i.e. between 140 and 150 cm tall? Then we at Uyai have the perfect playmates for you. Our silicone dolls in sizes from 140 to 150 centimeters offer you the unmistakable and sensual erotic experience that only sex dolls of particularly high quality can conjure up in bed or anywhere else.

In addition to the body size, the silicone dolls fulfil many other, naturally above all sexual needs. Orally, anal as well as vaginally you can let off steam at any time and uninhibited at your Sexdoll.

Size is decisive

And it's true that size is an important factor. At Uyai you will find a large selection of sexually very satisfying silicone dolls, ranging in size from 140 to 150 centimetres. For many, the idea of having a sex partner in this size is the perfect ideal.
Due to the variety of personalization possibilities the sex dolls offer a perfect frame for all sexual fantasies that you want and can live out with them. Experience how unique it is to own such a lifelike sex doll, as it is even able to lead you to the absolute climax with a lifelike moan.

Discreet delivery of the small sexbombs

Sex dolls made by Uyai, especially those between 140 and 150 centimetres, are a lot of fun. They are the ones who follow your sexual preferences unconditionally. The delivery is absolutely discreet, completely anonymous and within 11 and 13 working days.

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