Sex dolls on the rise & Thomas meets Jenny

Sex dolls on the rise

In the meantime, you have to look twice when you see a high-quality sex doll. These are so incredibly realistic that they can hardly be distinguished from a real woman. Every detail can be adjusted to one's needs and brings the customer closer to his or her ideal partner. It is therefore not surprising that the demand for life-like sex dolls has risen rapidly in recent years.

Imagination without remorse and flowers

Wooing a woman can be associated with a lot of effort. Also, the man exposes himself to the danger of being taken advantage of and to end up getting the mitten. And even if it works with the flirting experiment, no one can say whether the erotic ideas of the two new lovers go in the same direction. Relationships in which the sexual fantasies differ are doomed long or short.

These problems belong to the past with a life-like sex doll. The love game with an authentic silicone doll is limited only by one's imagination. To live out the sexual needs helps people to achieve greater satisfaction and to pour out happiness hormones. There is also the possibility to try certain sex practices and positions before putting them into practice with a real woman.

More than just sex

Life-like silicone dolls are more than just extravagant sex toys for the predominantly male buyers. They keep somebody's company and make them feel like they are not alone. Sometimes a friendly smile and an open ear are enough because every human has the need for contact, closeness, and intimacy all his life.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone to get all this as needed for their well-being. More than just a few men, therefore, see a complete replacement for a deceased partner in a love doll or find a girlfriend in her. She is always there when she is needed.


Thomas meets Jenny

As fast as he could, Thomas ran home from the subway station. It was not the rain that pushed him. Rather, there was a big package waiting for him in his apartment. Shortly before he had left in the morning, the forwarding agency had delivered it. All day he could only think of the contents.

At home, Thomas took off his jacket and got a knife from the kitchen. Carefully, he opened the package. A life-like sex doll appeared, which the young man himself had given himself for his birthday. Large green eyes and long blond hair caught his eye first. Everything exactly as ordered.

He quickly freed the love doll from any packaging. As he did so, he could hardly believe how realistic the skin felt. The anticipation, which had accompanied him all day, rose immeasurably.

At last, his Jenny sat before him. An erotic outfit consisting of a white dress and white suspenders gave the silicone doll a seductive look. Thomas would have liked to jump her immediately, but he knew how to control himself.

"Do not run away," he said with a smile toward Jenny.

The young man quickly went to the bathroom and took off his clothes. He then enjoyed a hot shower. While he was thinking about the life-like sex doll that was waiting for him on his couch, his manhood began to spring to life. It was time to think about the first thing he wanted to do with the real doll.

After Thomas had made up his mind, he got out of the shower and dried himself. Without putting on any clothes, he got the silicone doll off the couch and snatched the condoms out of the package. Together they went to the bedroom where a long night was waiting for Thomas and Jenny.