Sex Dolls 150-160cm

Sexpuppen 150 - 160 cm - Lustful change

Anyone who loves to selfishly pay attention to their own needs during sex should definitely experience a lifelike and sensual silicone doll from Uyai. Here you will find all our Sexdolls, which are between 150 and 160 centimeters in size. This size is a good European cut.

The pleasure of spending intimate time with such a real imitation of a real woman is only possible thanks to the high quality of the premium silicone dolls. Besides many other personalization possibilities (eye color, breast size, ...) you can give your very personal sex doll not the talking, but the lascivious and lustful moaning. Enjoy it, if your sex playwoman accompanies each of your hard or gentle movements with a comforting sigh.

150 - 160 centimeters large sex dolls in all positions

Not only the size of 150 to 160 centimetres is lifelike. You can enjoy our sex dolls with all your senses. The skin is velvety soft and every touch can give you even tingling goose bumps. The hair is indistinguishable from real hair. Satisfy your sexual dreams both orally, vaginally and anal in always new and provocative poses. Let the sex doll of your dreams kneel deep in front of you, wait for you in the popular doggy position or lie lasciviously moaning on your back.

Delivery wherever you like

The 150 to 160 centimetre large and always willing sex dolls from Uyai are discreetly delivered to the address you give us. That can be to your home, but it doesn't have to be. The delivery is absolute and 100% in an anonymous packaging.

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